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We offer the opportunity to set up
and operate a telephone contact centre
for your Clients. Thanks to the profes-
sionally trained team and a cutting
edge IT platform we can provide
your Clients with the highest level
of customer service. Our Consultants
make sure your Clients have a great first impression of your company.
We maintain the highest standards
of customer service.

Our offer includes:

  • Hotline services
  • Customer services

The hotline service is tailored towards companies who need to provide their Clients with a constant and instantaneous access to information. When calling the hotline number the Client will receive information about:
  • Current offer
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Sales network
  • Dealerships and service facilities
  • Making an appointment with
    a Business Development Manager

and all the subjects you wish to inform him/her about.

Customer services

We can offer the highest quality
Customer service for users
of your products or people taking
advantage of your services.

Our Consultants will be able
to answer all the questions regarding
the specific properties or applications
of purchased products.

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