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All our data collection and market research projects are conducted under a very strict quality control and we are proud of the quality our well trained Interviewers can produce for our Clients.

Depending on who you are and what you need, you can choose from our professional data collection or market research services:

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Data collection
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Market research

If you are looking for answers which will help you draw up plans and strategies for the future we can offer our market research services, which can be conducted in different formats, including:

• Opinion polls
• Customer satisfaction surveys
• Researching the satisfaction levels
   in loyalty programmes
• Determining reasons for discontinuing    services
• Marketing research: brand recognition,    advertisement effectiveness,
   attractiveness of an offer
• and many more

The research is prepared in co-operation
with the Client and taking into account
all the Client's comments and requests
in order to ensure that it covers all the
issues that are of interest to the Client.
Upon completion of the project you will
receive an exhaustive report including
an analysis of results, which will be
a valuable source of information about
the subject of research.

We are confident our market research
projects can help you plan an effective
sales campaign and define future
scenarios in determining company

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